Strong payload capacities, rigid, high speed and flexible

The well-established TH series have an arm to meet every application requirement. The range extends from 180mm to 1200mm and cable of handling up to 20Kgs.

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ModelControllerStandard Cycle TimeMax Payload
TH180TS3000 (E)0.35 s (with 1kg load)2kg
TH250ATS3000 (E)0.41 s (with 1kg load)3kg
TH350ATS3000 (E)0.41 s (with 1kg load)3kg
TH450ATS3000 (E)0.3 s (with 1kg load)5kg
TH550ATS3000 (E)0.33 s (with 2kg load)5kg
TH650ATS3100 (E)0.31 s (with 2kg load)10kg
TH850ATS3100 (E)0.39 s (with 2kg load)20kg
TH1050ATS3100 (E)0.39 s (with 2kg load)20kg
TH1200ATS3100 (E)0.39 s (with 2kg load)20kg

Robot Controller

The new TSL3100E controller is both lightweight and space saving in comparison to the TS series. Ethernet is equipped as standard, and expansions of I/O and various networks are supported. Programs can be easily backed up to USB.