TM Robotics in partnership with Elmotec

ELMOTEC is a family owned Swiss company established in 1989. Development, construction and production of electric drives, controlled soldering equipment and machines being there main focus, they specialising in solving problems utilising the latest and most advanced technology.

In 2001 all products and services where streamlined under the brand and company name of ELMOTEC. Robotic soldering technology using Toshiba Machine robots, automatic soldering products for electrical/electronic industries and special components for assembly and handling such as small conveyors belts and rotary drives being all part of the portfolio. Elmotec specialists have more than thirty years of experience in the industry.

Soldering Systems

Our soldering equipment and soldering machines have a high level of quality and are user friendly. Depending on the application a variety of soldering techniques are used, such as piston soldering, high-frequency soldering and flame soldering.